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Attracting the best Talent

In search of the best talent - our sourcing strategies:

As Jack Welch famously noted, "The team with the best players wins." As a business, you are only as good as the team you lead. Hiring the right people can be the difference between success and failure, mediocrity and greatness. The right hire can be a force multiplier on a good team or the beginning of a rebuilding effort on a weak one.

Of course quality of hire doesn't mean much if you have positions that remain unfilled for months at a time. Balancing quality of hire with the speed of hiring is a key issue for line or business leaders.

  • At OCG we know from our experience and international market research that Job
    boards are only attracting <20% of the total candidate pool (active candidates).
  • And in the case of senior roles this reduces to less than 13% of directors and
    executives indicating they are actively or semi-actively looking for a new role.
  • Therefore an active candidate sourcing program featuring the traditional recruitment advertising in newspaper or on job boards won't be sufficient in the search for the best available talent for any recruitment assignment.

As a result we have put together a sourcing capability that is second to none in our part of the world. The combination of our dedicated Candidate Base, Online Advertising Solutions and our dedicated Research & Sourcing Team, we will find the very best talent for your organisation wherever they reside.

The OCG Database

The use of our 'Talent Bank', which has been established for over 25 years, takes the form of the ResMan database. ResMan is continually fed, not only from local sources but also through our international recruitment partners and other sourcing strategies. It holds 200,000+ candidates and 30,000+ client contacts. These are all searchable via specifically coded criteria with advanced searching functionality.

Online Advertising Solutions

The OCG Online Advertising Solutions are highly targeted online advertising campaigns based on the information we gather at each client assignment briefing which:

  1. Targets the semi-passive candidate.
  2. It's online Recruiting Advertising that appears only on web sites based on the candidate profile we are looking for.
  3. That means it only appears contextually - on web pages relevant to the candidate we are seeking for a specific role.

For example, we can pinpoint candidates online by:

  • Location - Country or City.
  • Demographics.
  • Education - Graduate, In College, In High School.
  • Likes and interests - Select Sports, Hobbies, Industries etc.
  • Connections - Targets anyone, those connected to specific groups/pages, or those not connected to certain groups or pages.
  • Workplace - Company, Organisation or Workplace.

Research and Sourcing

Dedicated to sourcing the best 'hard to find, business critical' candidates our Research & Sourcing team was established over 5 years ago and features senior candidate sourcing and attraction specialists – trained in the latest recruitment and sourcing methodologies. A Research Assignment is typically used:

  • For hard to fill business critical roles.
  • For areas of most critical candidate scarcity.
  • When traditional sourcing methods have been exhausted.
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