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  • Clare O'Sullivan
  • Eloise Gantuangco
  • Georgina Glover
  • Greg McAllister
  • Kathryn Stewart
  • Lucinda Barton
  • Mark Charles
  • Mate Glamuzina
  • Michael Hurdle
  • OCG Consulting
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  • Pete Dallimore
  • Ryan Lanham
  • Sara Thornton
  • Shane Mackay
  • Suji Boomgaard
  • Tom McMorran
  • Tracey Church

Why You Should Choose Recruitment as a Career

Are you an expert in your field but have found your career is stalling? Does your role no longer excite and reward you? OCG Recruitment Consultant, Georgina Glover, explains how Recruitment could take your career to new heights.

How Understanding Candidate Personalities Helps You to Attract the Right Talent

While planning your recruitment needs, you’ll likely define the skills and experience that the right candidate should have. But have you ever thought about what their hobbies are, or what their favourite TV series might be? Nowadays, it’s critical for organisations to be smarter when it comes to hiring, else they risk missing out on top talent.

The Future of Christchurch’s Business Analysts

What does the future hold for Christchurch’s Business Analysts? OCG’s Technology Recruitment Manager, Paul
O’Donovan, shares his insight into the changing role of a BA and what professionals need to do to stay relevant.

Corporate Culture: What Is Your Company's Tribe?

For 98% of NZ employees it’s important to have a greater purpose than just making money. Yet 43% of workers describe their company culture as poor. What can HR do to make NZ company cultures shine?

Organisational Culture: Bigger than the Bottom Line – Key Insights

We all know organisational culture is important, but just how important is it? OCG General Manager, Greg McAllister, takes a look at the results of our latest whitepaper to find out.

Don’t Let Trumpian Uncertainty Cloud New Zealand’s Opportunity

Despite a strong economy, have international events caused New Zealand’s businesses to become paralysed with uncertainty? OCG Senior Consultant, Michael Hurdle, provides his commentary on this potential issue.

Making the Crucial Connection – the Key to Presentation Success

If you need to sell your skills to an employer or present your employment solutions to a client, being able to connect with your audience effectively and build rapport is crucial to your success. OCG’s Anna Newman shares her top 3 communication tips here.

Waikato and the Bay of Plenty: The New Lands of Opportunity

Many dream of leaving the madness of Auckland behind, but don’t want to sacrifice career opportunities. OCG’s Mate Glamuzina tells us how the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions can provide the escape you’re looking for.

Are You Happy with Your Job?

What does happiness in the workplace look like? OCG Recruitment Consultant, Eloise Gantuangco, looks to answer that question and provides some helpful advice for those looking for more greener pastures.

Why 2017 is the Perfect Time to Make the Leap into Contracting and Freelancing

As the saying goes, a new year presents new opportunities. With new technologies creating new possibilities in how we approach the workplace, there's real potential for contract or freelance talent to make an impact in 2017.

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