Fairfax Case Study

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Fairfax media were reviewing the structure of their HR team with a view to supporting the business better and centralising most of the HR function, with a view to removing duplication and inconsistencies in service delivery.

To achieve this required the sourcing and selection of a new senior HR team. Including; ER Manager, HR Manager, HR Advisors, HR Administrators and HR Services Manager/HR Manager

The Assignment

The Assignment required the provision of a timely, accurate and effective solution which supported Fairfax's change time line and included


Development of an innovative sourcing strategy which reflected the development of the new HR team and assisted in building the Fairfax employment brand in the market place. (see below)


Focused, targeted, innovative sourcing methods and channels and robust selection methodologies to ensure all
assessment points and the fit matches your requirement


Support of a specialist Project Manager who is an expert in the HR function and able to tap in to networks in support of innovative sourcing strategies.

To ensure we source the best available HR talent in the market place we used a mixture of Online Advertising and Research Assignments to capture all of the available candidates in the HR Sector.

OCG Online Advertising Solutions

We were able to pinpoint candidates online by:

  • Location - Country or City.
  • Demographics - Age, Gender, Language, Relationship status.
  • Education - Graduate, In College, In High School.
  • Likes and interests - Select Sports, Hobbies, Industries e.t.c.
  • Connections - Targets anyone, those connected to specific groups/ pages, or those not connected to certain groups or pages.
  • Workplace - Company, Organisation or Workplace.

Research & Sourcing

Our research assignment focussed on identifying organisations and the people within who met the client brief. Our methodologies included:

  • Engaging and assessing specific people within your networks
  • Social Networking sites research
  • Organisation database searches