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Surety of Selection

Knowing which candidates and employees can drive value for your business is a true competitive differentiator in today's talent short marketplace

More and more companies today look to assessment tools, not only to help them understand the skills and capabilities of candidates and employees, but also to predict who will drive performance in the future.

Traditional techniques for staff selection are still relevant to the recruitment process, but research shows that the majority of applicants admit to exaggerating in interviews or resumes even though they believe it is unethical.

The research findings as presented by Spherion (2002)

(N= 600, Spherion 2002)

Have you ever exaggerated in an interview or on your resume?
    51% Yes     48% No
What would you be most likely to exaggerate about in an interview / resume?
    35% - Experience
    20% - Salary
    20% - Reason for leaving last job
    13% - Personal attributes
    9% - Training
Do you think it's unethical to exaggerate in an interview/resume?
    78% Yes     21% No

In the traditional scenario an employer's decision about the candidate is only as accurate as the integrity of the resume, interview, or reference check.

By combining the OCG 'best practice' Structured Interview with our independent Ability and Personality Assessment services our clients increase the level of 'candidate surety' substantially.

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