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Why You Should Choose Recruitment as a Career

Why You Should Choose Recruitment as a Career
There are literally tens of thousands of recruiters globally, assisting people to find their next career opportunity every day and equally assisting organisations to find the right people for their business. However, there are no education programs that qualify you to become a recruiter and if you ask a recruiter ‘why recruitment’ they typically answer – ‘I fell into it.’

The career path of a Recruitment Consultant is well established, but not well known. It’s a career choice built for opportunists who want a diverse role that can make a huge difference to other people’s lives. If you’ve honed your skills but feel like your current career has stalled, here’s why recruitment could be your calling.

Why Choose Recruitment as a Career?

Before you set your sights on becoming a Recruiter, there’s something you need to know; recruitment is not for the faint-hearted. It is an incredibly competitive industry that places a strong focus on always doing the right thing, whilst at the same time ensuring that you are achieving results. Some people can struggle to strike a balance between the two. However, if you’re a results-driven professional who loves to interact with and likes to help other people, recruitment can be a highly rewarding career choice. The buzz you can get from meeting interesting people and connecting them with their perfect jobs and future employers can literally be life-changing. This positivity and energy flows through a recruitment team and creates an energetic and engaging place to work.

Recruiters come from all different walks of life; Accounting; Customer Service; Technology; Teaching and pretty much anything else you can think of. Having a strong background in your industry and a solid understanding of the challenges the role and market will face, can better enable you to identify professionals who would be a great fit for vacancies in those areas.

Whilst you don’t need any special qualifications, there are a few typical skills that are crucial to a career in recruitment. These include the ability to understand people so you can build relationships, communicate and interview effectively with different types of professionals. You will also need to understand that this is ultimately a sales role and you need to have the resilience to sustain the tough times. At the same time, having strong consultation and problem-solving skills will aid in maintaining candidate and client relationships. As a recruiter, you will spend a lot of time managing your own workload, so you also need to be able to work autonomously and organise your own time. Finally, with the recruitment industry increasingly embracing digital technology, possessing impressive IT skills will also come in handy.

Finding the Right Agency

If you are interested in recruitment, it’s crucial that you take your time and find a recruitment agency that will foster your new-founded career path. With that in mind, here are a few reasons to join OCG.

At OCG, our purpose is to be Career Makers and we have a very strong set of values that underpins this. We genuinely care, which means we seek to separate ourselves from our competitors by treating candidates with humanity and warmth. We have the courage to stretch beyond our comfort zones and ensure all of our decisions benefit our stakeholders. When faced with a range of options, our mission is to always do what is right for each candidate and client, not what is necessarily easy. These values have helped us to build a strong reputation within the market.

Although a career in recruitment can offer a high income, OCG raises the bar by providing other great benefits for the team as well. These include flexible working hours, wellness programmes, company supported events, additional leave and internal training programmes so we can be rewarded for our hard work and develop in a way that suits us.


The recruitment industry is ripe with opportunities, so if you do have the right drive and ambition, you and your career will go far. At OCG, our people make our business and we hire based on our value set – see our blog on why we only hire ethical Recruiters . We'd be more than happy to discuss why recruitment may be a great career option for you directly. Or if you think you would thrive in our Career Maker culture and would like to learn more about how you can help our clients to find and hire great professionals such as yourself, contact us today for a confidential discussion about your future.
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