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Career Transition Assistance (Outplacement)

Our support for you is tailored to your needs. With over 20 years experience of providing support to people during times of organisational change, we know it is important not to make assumptions about the needs people might have. Our experienced consultants know that helping you to understand, cope and effectively respond is key to navigating your way to you next career step. Whether that's something very similar to what you have done or something completely different that changes your life work balance, we know that working with you through your thinking, motivations and interests is the key to success.

Identifying new opportunities, developing your resume and promoting yourself is often not a widely practiced skill and knowing that your coach can bring insights to common and best practice in todays market can be hugely beneficial.

Our programme of support provides you access to the assistance you choose in four key areas.

Programme overview flowchart

OCG careers

Career Transition Structure and Modules

At OCG Careers we have developed a pragmatic Career Transition Programme which has the overall objective of helping you to achieve your next career step.

We aim to assist you to clarify the direction you wish to take and provide you with the tools and strategies to develop a plan and implement it.

Career transition flowchart
What can we do for you? We can help you ....
  • Identify your skills and motivations
  • Consider change in life/work balance
  • Guide you to write a CV that really works
  • Identify the right kind of role for you and where to look for it
  • Write and talk about your strengths in a way that will interest employers, especially in interviews
  • Build and maintain a LinkedIn profile
  • Identify your best network contacts to approach and guide you on how to manage this
  • Perform your best in interviews through interview coachings
  • Prepare for Psych Assessments & Reference checking
  • Consider job offers
  • Negotiate Job Offers
  • Explore Contracting or self-employment Opportunities

Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington has sponsored this support for you. Our team, external to the University, are committed to providing you a confidential, objective and personal service that meets your individual needs.

You will be supported by a coach for up to 5 sessions, which can be face to face or via phone and video conference, which-ever way is best for you to access the coaching, resources and guidance you need to confidently navigate your way to the next stage of your career.

If you wish to bring along whanau or a support person to the sessions, you are welcome to do so.

OCG careers approach to

Career Transition Resources

You will be assigned a dedicated coach who will work with you & connect you with people and resources that will help you navigate your chosen career direction.

Alongside your coach you get access to a workbook along with access to our online Career Gateway Content as outlined below.

Welcome to Career Gateway

Career Gateway displays a variety of resources that will assist you in navigating your career transition journey. When you are ready, work through the different areas at your own pace, focusing on those areas you feel will be most beneficial to you.

Coping with Change

Selfcare & Wellbeing

Providing you an opportunity to reflect where you are at. Being able to look at your career optionsand competencies to help you identify your next career options

Applying for Roles

Selfcare & Wellbeing

Personal Brand

Networking and Social Media

Career Webinars

Balance, Build, Grow

Interviewing Skills

And Psychometric Assessment

Evaluating Your Job Offer

Considering your options


OCG careers approach to

Our Team

Greg McAllister

Head of HR Consulting

Amanda Hamilton

Senior Consultant - Psychological Assessment

Stefanie Pollard

Senior Consultant - Psychological Assessment

Chris Gilchrist

Senior Consultant

We always do our best to match our consultants with your people. It's important to us that the match works in order to deliver the best results.