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MFAT in partnership with OCG Consulting

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Section 2: Job application form
Personal details
Resume Attach your CV *
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Additional Information
Note - we do not expect applicants to have something to share for all questions below

Please share any relevant life experience that might be applicable to the role you are applying for, e.g. overseas work or life experience, community or sporting leadership roles, voluntary work or interests, other hobbies or interests.

Outline your experience with cultural competency, to include but not limited to any involvement with community groups and stakeholders?

How have you applied your knowledge of Mātauranga Māori within the workplace?

Outline any language competencies other than English? Include the level of spoken or written expertise.

Have you ever worked in the core public sector and/or an NZ Inc partner organization? If so where and when?

Current or former MFAT employees

Permission to discuss your application at MFAT

If you are a current or previous Ministry employee note that a condition of submitting your application is that you provide permission for the Ministry to seek comments from your current and/or former Ministry manager(s) for the purposes of assessing your application.

I authorise the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to contact Human Resources Group and my current and/or former manager(s) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the purposes of conducting reference checks to assess my suitability for the position for which I am applying.

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Security Clearance

Before taking up an appointment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, applicants are required to undergo a pre-employment vetting process which may involve criminal and credit checks. For this pre-employment vetting process under the provisions of the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004, you do not have to disclose details of offences against the law if you meet ALL the following criteria:

  • No convictions within the last 7 years
  • You have never been sentenced to a custodial sentence
  • You have never been ordered by a court, following a criminal case, to be detained in a hospital due to a mental condition
  • You have no convictions for 'specified offences' under the Act
  • You have never been indefinitely disqualified from driving.

If yes, please give details

If yes, please give details

If yes, please give details

If you become the preferred applicant for the position you will be required to provide your consent to the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service to access personal information about you for the purposes of assessing your suitability to have on-going access to classified national security information. This includes:

  • Convictions and other records held by New Zealand Police and other law enforcement agencies, including any convictions outside the last 7 years
  • Records held by security or intelligence agencies of New Zealand or other countries
  • Information held by any other organisation or any person, in addition to those you nominate as referees.

Note: The Criminal records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 does not apply to this NZSIS assessment.

If yes, at what level?

What organisation was this for?

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Health and safety

The Ministry has a proactive health and safety approach to identify and manage hazards and to promote health and safety at work. We need to ensure that you have an understanding of the demands associated with working for the Ministry. Your responses to this section will not necessarily disqualify you from employment.

If yes, please briefly describe the injury/health condition (for example OOS, gradual process injury and hearing difficulties)

While the Ministry can take measures to assist you, we would be interested to know what steps you take or have taken for self-management of this condition and with what success?

Equal employment opportunities

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is committed to incorporating the principles of equal employment opportunities in its work and management practices. The following information is used by the Ministry to compile EEO statistics and to determine the effectiveness of our approach to recruitment. It is not mandatory to respond to this section.

Personal Information

MFAT believe our people should reflect the communities we serve, engage and partner with. We aspire to be a workplace that values and utilises diverse and inclusive thinking, people and behaviours. Although it is not compulsory to divulge your personal information, if you are comfortable doing so it will help us to ensure we are attracting and considering an appropriately diverse range of applicants.



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Section 3: Check List

Please check you have attached the relevant documents to your application email

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