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The New Zealand Education Ministry is committed to Equal Employment Opportunities. To comply with the State Sector Act 1988, the Ministry of Education is required to collect statistical information to monitor Equal Employment Opportunities. This information is voluntary and is gathered for statistical purposes only. It will not form part of your application for this position. Your response to these questions is valuable, however, if you do not wish to provide this information, please select "Prefer Not to Respond".


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The following is the Recommended International Standard of Disability used by the World Health Organisation:

Your activity is limited by a long-term condition or health problem that has lasted six months or more (or is expected to last six months or more).

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Do you currently have, or have you ever had, a medical condition caused by gradual process, injury, illness or disability that could reasonably be expected to affect your ability to carry out the work of the position applied for; or which could reasonably be expected to be aggravated or contributed to by the work of the position applied for?

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Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures.

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