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OCG can provide a range of effective solutions and services around search and selection, psychological assessment, talent identification and career development.

The OCG HR Consulting Services Team is a specialist group within OCG who have the skills, tools and sensitivity to build extraordinary performance. They are also part of the OCG consulting team so they are recruitment experts as well, and can provide you with assistance in the selection of talent, identifying future potential and coaching to maximise performance

The team is comprised of:

Julie Cressey

Julie is responsible for managing the Consulting services team including OCG Careers alongside the internal operational aspects of Chandler Macleod and OCG pertaining to Organisational Development, Learning and Development, Marketing, Accounts, IT and Property. She is actively involved in client development and the delivery of strategic needs including Recruitment and Selection Workshops, Assessment Centre Design and Facilitation, Psychometric Assessments, Career Transition workshops alongside additional bespoke value added client services. Julie brings over 24 years of recruitment industry having held a variety of senior roles in large well established businesses including Head of Organisational Development and People and Performance Manager. Outside of work she is an avid supporter of Surf Life Saving, Dogs, Hockey and Rowing in no particular order!

Amanda Hamilton

Senior Consultant Psychologist

Amanda is a Registered Organisational Psychologist who has been working in business in both New Zealand and Australia for 17 years. She joined OCG in 2008 having spent the previous seven years working at Chandler Macleod in Sydney and Melbourne. Amanda's core area of expertise is in the provision of psychological assessments for the purposes of selection, career development, 360 degree feedback, career counselling, succession planning and outplacement.

Stefanie Pollard

Stefanie is a Registered Organisational Psychologist and joined OCG in 2018. She has extensive experience in psychometric testing, both in the development of assessments and in their application for selection and career development. Stefanie also has a keen interest and experience in designing and delivering assessment centres, culture surveys and 360 degree feedback. She is passionate about organisational psychology and aligning candidates to roles and has over 8 years of experience in organisational psychology obtained in New Zealand and Australia

Gerrard Macklie

An experienced Coach and Facilitator, who is passionate about assisting people to develop strategies for growth and development. Accomplished in supporting individuals and business through times of change, including disputes in the workplace, change management or simply coaching people to take control of their work and achieving personal and professional goals.

As a Coach, particularly one skilled in asking insightful questions, Gerard is able to work with individuals to identify and challenge assumptions that are barriers to business productivity. This leads to the solutions and approaches that more easily achieve the desired outcomes.

In addition to Gerard's coaching, he is trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) by LEADR (Resolution Institute) and can assist individuals to find solutions to the variety of disputes that arise in the workplace.

Our Consulting Services Include:

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Insource or Outsource? Post conducting a recruitment audit, OCG is able to advise on the best structure to support your business going forward.

Exit Interviews

Research has proven that independent exit interviews ensure the information you collect is thorough and valid. The feedback collected through these provides useful information which can be used in improving your employment brand.


Post completing a Recruitment Audit, OCG is able to build your Talent Attraction and Retention Plan which supports your business strategy. Ideally suited to companies with stretched HR who are seeking support in building a plan they can implement.

Developing a Talent Attraction and Retention Plan

Wanting objective assessment of internal candidates so the selection process is rigorous and fair? We can interview your staff and provide an objective report clearly highlighting competency matches and/or gaps. This can be further complemented by Psychological Assessment with feedback linked to your role and competencies.

Recruitment Audits

Need an objective overview of where your costs sit? Need to identify what the real issues are with your current recruitment process? A Recruitment Audit involves OCG spending time with all hiring managers where we focus on the whole business or business critical areas. The outcome is a project based, customised service and report you can take to build your own recruitment strategy. Employment Branding

Employment Branding

An organisation with a superior employer brand is one where the value proposition that the business articulates, is reflected by the actions of all people, at all levels of the business, at all times. At OCG we believe that employer brand management doesn't replace anything you're doing well already - it just brings it all together to greater effect. The OCG employer branding process makes use of marketing techniques to create powerful positive expectations among possible recruits and existing employees. We see employer branding is a whole of business, long-term strategy for the attraction, engagement and retention of talent. OCG is able to offer a range of services to assist you with your journey to becoming 'an employer of choice'.