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HR Consulting Services

OCG can provide a range of effective solutions and services around search and selection, psychological assessment, talent identification and career development.

The OCG HR Consulting Services Team is a specialist group within OCG who have the skills, tools and sensitivity to build extraordinary performance. They are also part of the OCG consulting team so they are recruitment experts as well, and can provide you with assistance in the selection of talent, identifying future potential and coaching to maximise performance

The team is comprised of:
  • Two registered Psychologists - a registered Consulting Psychologist (Amanda Hamilton) with over 8 years commercial experience and another registered Consulting Psychologist (Nirmala Solanki) with over 15 years commercial experience - both of whom are well versed in providing sensitive and insightful feedback to candidates.
  • Carol Dallimore who has over 25 years experience in recruitment, consulting, career transition and outplacement.
  • Experienced HR recruitment consultants with HR experience.
  • We also draw upon senior consultants across the business who can contribute with their market and industry expertise to assist candidates with their career plans.
The range of HR Consulting Services we provide include:

Career Transition & Outplacement Services

OCG can build customised outplacement programmes which support your people at the level they need. We can provide professional, confidential, third party assistance to impacted individuals to help them cope with the emotions associated with redundancy and to help them communicate with family and friends in an appropriate manner. This service allows the participants to be aware of their current reality and to accept this as the foundation to build from. This knowledge is then used to plan a career path external to the organisation.

We can assist individuals to write an up-to-date resume - our experience is that people at all levels find this assistance invaluable. We can help individuals understand the job search process and techniques - so they can maximise their effectiveness. Once individuals have this knowledge, it has proven to be highly successful in their immediate job search.

The value of the OCG Career Transition & Outplacement Services means that it significantly frees up important leadership and management time, giving quality focus in rolling out a restructure. As with any restructure, you will be faced with legal and business risk. The greatest opportunity to minimise the impact of this risk is to provide comprehensive and structured support in the first stages of restructuring. It demonstrates to those employees who are not directly impacted by the restructure that the organisation is behaving in a supportive way in the impacted individual's time of need.

Each candidate's situation will vary dependent on their experience, level of market knowledge, self awareness, etc. We have purposefully structured three separate options which can be combined/mixed and matched to suit each candidate's needs.

Psychometric Assessment

With two Registered Psychologists on our team, we are able to offer a wide range of assessment tools to meet the needs of your business. Our objective is to ensure feedback is tailored and relevant. We have access to a number of psychometric assessment tools - these can be applied to roles ranging from entry level to senior management and executive. OCG's two Registered Psychologists are accredited to interpret the broad range of personality and abilities tests in a commercially relevant way. For more information please refer to our Psychometric Assessments section.

Recruitment Audits

Need an objective overview of where your costs sit? Need to identify what the real issues are with your current recruitment process? A Recruitment Audit involves OCG spending time with all hiring managers where we focus on the whole business or business critical areas. The outcome is a project based, customised service and report you can take to build your own recruitment strategy.

Building Development Plans

If one of your team has missed out on an internal promotion, it is important to ensure they feel cared for and able to work on the gaps. OCG can assist with building these Development Plans so that team members are better placed in the future.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Insource or Outsource? Post conducting a recruitment audit, OCG is able to advise on the best structure to support your business going forward.

Exit Interviews

Research has proven that independent exit interviews ensure the information you collect is thorough and valid. The feedback collected through these provides useful information which can be used in improving your employment brand.

Career Counselling

OCG operates across functions and industry sectors so we collect relevant, up-to-date salary and market information. While we do not complete a salary survey at the present time, we are able to research specific sectors and roles to provide you with current information.

Salary Advice

Needing to support one of your team with their future career development but don't have time? Does a team member have unrealistic expectations about where they should be? Through Psychological Assessment, behavioural interviewing and feedback, we can build self-awareness, build Development Plans and/or expose new options for career development.


Post completing a Recruitment Audit, OCG is able to build your Talent Attraction and Retention Plan which supports your business strategy. Ideally suited to companies with stretched HR who are seeking support in building a plan they can implement.

Developing a Talent Attraction and Retention Plan

Wanting objective assessment of internal candidates so the selection process is rigorous and fair? We can interview your staff and provide an objective report clearly highlighting competency matches and/or gaps. This can be further complemented by Psychological Assessment with feedback linked to your role and competencies.

Employment Branding

An organisation with a superior employer brand is one where the value proposition that the business articulates, is reflected by the actions of all people, at all levels of the business, at all times. At OCG we believe that employer brand management doesn't replace anything you're doing well already - it just brings it all together to greater effect. The OCG employer branding process makes use of marketing techniques to create powerful positive expectations among possible recruits and existing employees. We see employer branding is a whole of business, long-term strategy for the attraction, engagement and retention of talent. OCG is able to offer a range of services to assist you with your journey to becoming 'an employer of choice'.