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Aarti Patel

Aarti joined OCG in May 2021 after 15 years working within HR as a generalist and most recently as a Senior HR Business Partner within an FMCG/Pharmaceutical business.

Aarti has a BA (Sociology) and her HR background is an additional strength when she recruiting specialist roles in that function.

Area of Expertise
Sales, Field, and Account Management
Mid to senior level Supply Chain and Operations
Executive and Senior Leadership roles

Aarti recruits across all of FMCG, Government, construction, Manufacturing and Industrial.

Talent I'm looking for

Sales Managers, Business Development Managers, Key Account Managers, Account Managers, Shopper Activation Managers, Category Managers, Key Account Executives, Territory Managers, Supply Chain Managers, S&OP Managers, Supply Planner/Managers, Demand Planner/Managers, Procurement Specialists/Managers, Engineering Management, Operations Management, Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement, Production Management, Mechanical Engineers, Project Engineers, Project Managers, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Lift Technicians.

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