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OCG tops recruitment agency customer opinions

Added 23rd of January, 2014

OCG Consulting is New Zealand’s most highly recommended recruitment agency, according to a recent study by Colmar Brunton that surveyed over 450 client organisations.

The survey* asked line managers, Human Resources managers and senior management - mostly from larger corporate businesses - which recruitment companies they would recommend to others.

Of all the recruitment companies named, only two recruitment companies recorded positive Net Promoter Scores (promoters less detractors), with OCG leading the sector on plus 10%. 

From an industry-wide perspective advocacy toward agencies has improved slightly with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of minus 8% up from minus 14% recorded in a 2011 survey. 

OCG Chief Executive, George Brooks says it was pleasing to top the survey but his consultants remain focussed on delivering greater value for clients.

"We are focused on being a trusted advisor to our clients, utilising our Intellectual Property and suite of complementary services to add significant value beyond simply locating talent,” he says.

"We have four strategic pillars that underpin all we do – Innovation, Values, Professional Delivery and Financial Performance. The customer is at the centre of the first three and the Colmar Brunton survey shows that we are making good progress. There is still more we can do and are doing with our clients and partners.”

George also comments that while customer advocacy for the sector overall has improved, the industry needs to evolve. 

"The recruitment industry continues to face a rapidly changing market environment that is fiercely competitive and under increasing threat from online and in house recruitment options,” he says. 

"As an industry we need to move up the value chain from offering mass market commodity style recruitment,  to active candidate sourcing because we know that the old way of doing things attracts less than 20 per cent of the candidate pool and very often not the right or most talented 20 per cent,” he says.

"Helping clients build their employment brand, identify and retain talent, providing salary advice and working with businesses and individuals on career development are services that more agencies need to adopt if the sector as a whole is to be valued.”

The recruitment industry is not the only sector that needs some of its operators to lift its game according to Colmar Brunton’s fortnightly omnibus survey. While supermarkets (NPS plus 21%) and Banks (NPS plus 16%) performed well, many others have plenty of room of improvement with Internet Service Providers (NPS minus 15%) trailing the field. 

*475 online interviews, conducted 19 September to 6 October, 2013.

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