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Career Transition

Career Transition services allow our team to build customised outplacement programmes which support your people at the level they need. We provide professional, confidential, third-party assistance to impacted individuals to help them cope with the emotions associated with redundancy. This service allows participants to be aware of their current reality, and to accept this as a foundation to build from. This knowledge is then used to plan a career path external to the organisation.

We assist with:

  • CV assistance
  • Job searching process and techniques
  • Outplacement

When your organisation needs to change, it's your people that will feel the impact.

We are dedicated to helping you mitigate that impact and delivering a beneficial change experience for your employees.

What we bring

We'll equip your managers and team leaders for the challenges ahead and help people to stay motivated, productive and focused throughout, whether or not their roles are directly affected.

The process of change is different for everyone, so we will tailor an approach that suits the needs of your people and delivers tangible results for them and your organisation.

What you gain

We can work with you to ensure that the organisation, the leaders and people are in a position to cope with change.

We will help your people to understand the impact of change and help them through an organisational or individual transition so that the potential negative impact is minimised and the ability to progress is made easier.