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Are You Happy with Your Job?


What does it mean to be happy with your job? To be ‘engaged’?

There’s been plenty of studies on how to be happy at work. The general conclusion is that you need to feel challenged, have a sense of progression, security, and autonomy, and have friends in the workplace. Whilst these are all crucial, for me it’s more about a sense of belonging. Do you believe in what your employer stands for, and what they do?

Across my career, I’ve worked for several businesses and agencies, all with different values and ideals. I’ve found that employers can sometimes struggle with finding a balance between achieving their bottom line and doing the right thing. However, it wasn’t until I started with OCG that I truly appreciated the benefit of working for an employer who shares values that you genuinely believe in.

Being a Careermaker

Right from day one, I knew working at OCG would be different. Their training was set up to provide new Recruiters with an understanding of how important OCG’s values are and the purpose that links them all together; to be Careermakers.

I’ve found that when an organisation leads their training with a focus on their culture, values, and purpose, this sets the tone for the way their employees engage other people. Those values are reflected in how they represent their employer and conduct their work. Now that I work for an organisation which encourages and empowers me to do the right thing, I value what I do and have a purpose to fulfil.

Understanding Your Values

Some of our values here at OCG include showing genuine care to our stakeholders and to always ‘do the right thing’. As a Recruiter, these values are important to me as they enable me to do my best work. Unfortunately, some people are working in environments which don’t align with their own values. If you’re in that position and you’re not happy with your job, don’t let inaction make things worse. However, before you make a decision on what to do, you need to work out what your own values are, and how you want them to be reflected in your workplace. What do you like and dislike about what you do? What’s most important to you when it comes to your job?

Once you understand what makes you happy and engaged at work, you need conclude which course of action is the best option for you. Can your workplace change or do you need to move on? Take your concerns to your Manager and give them the chance to try and rectify the problems. If you’re still dissatisfied with your work, then it’s time to find help with securing a better job.

Engaging a Recruitment Agency is a fantastic way to ensure your next role will be perfectly suited for you. That said, not every Recruitment Agency’s culture will align perfectly with your values and be a good fit for your career. So, it’s important you do your research and look at what drives their organisation. Look up their company website and read their About Us; what do their values and mission tell you about them? Next, check out their social media channels and look them up online; what do other people say working with them is like?

The Importance of Honesty

Any benefit you would gain from working with a great Recruitment Consultant will quickly diminish if you’re not open and honest with them. Share your career aspirations and reservations, be honest about your work history and experience, and tell your Recruiter what you want. As Recruiters, we get to know what our clients, their teams, and environments are like, so we can assess whether there is a good cultural fit between you and them. If you’re not entirely open and honest with your Recruiter, you risk securing a role which isn’t right for you in a company that might not be the best fit. So, if you want to avoid more stress, dissatisfaction, and disappointment, honesty really is the best policy.

Closing Thoughts

With the arrival of a new year, many employers have fantastic opportunities waiting for the right people as they look to grow their businesses. As OCG Recruitment Consultants, we’re here to do the right thing for you. If you’re not happy with where you are and want to find something better, don’t hesitate to contact me today and find out where OCG could take your career next.

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