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Flexible and hybrid working:
is it here to stay?

At the time of publishing, it had been over a year since the worst of New Zealand's COVID-19 lockdowns began.

In this short space of time, the country's businesses have had to evolve rapidly to keep up with a changing economic environment and shifting employee expectations.

One of the major changes to hit Kiwi workplaces was the sudden uptake in flexible and hybrid working (i.e. remote working). In our past report, the COVID-19 Business Impact Survey, we found out that attitudes to remote working were largely positive, but this was 12 months ago and organisations didn't have a choice. Now, they do.

So, who is still working remotely, and how has the Kiwi workplace changed in terms of satisfaction levels, attitudes to technology, connectedness at work and more? That is what this report seeks to understand.

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