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human resources

The Human Resources team is a specialist group within OCG focusing on matching human resources professionals with businesses in need.

They have capability to source and expertly select specialist permanent and contract HR professionals at all levels, across all industry types.

They work hard to get to know your businesses so they can find the best-fit talent for your project, business, and team culture. Likewise, they know what's going on in the industry so can provide the most up-to-date specialist insights to both clients and candidates.

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Mat Domney

General Manager - Wellington

Leigh Mackay

Principal Consultant

Stephanie Ashkettle

Talent Manager

Oscar Dunn

General Manager New Zealand

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Lucinda Barton

Senior Consultant

Larissa Tinnelly


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Specialist advice and insight on current market trends

Working from home, an expectation or an earned right? Overcoming Company Hesitation

12 Sep 2023

Should working from home be an earned benefit or an expectation? In the post-covid era, companies seem to be hesitant to offer working from home as a given - why should companies offer remote work? Not just because candidates are asking for it, but it can actually benefit their employer brand! We explore all the benefits in this blog.

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Our guidelines to create a safe, inclusive, and successful work-from-home policy

12 Sep 2023

Creating a successful work-from-home (WFH) policy for employees requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. Here are some tips for businesses to help set up an effective WFH policy!

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Te Reo Māori: An Essential Skill for Marketing and Communications Professionals in New Zealand

11 Jul 2023

In the dynamic landscape of marketing and communications, professionals in New Zealand are increasingly recognising the significance of embracing te reo Māori. Understanding te reo is becoming a crucial skill set, both verbal and written. Ready to learn why it's important and how to take the next step?

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We have a need… a need for SPEED! In the recruitment process.

24 May 2023

We all know it's a tough candidate market with record numbers of jobs on Seek, top candidates looking to shoot for the moon in terms of salary and benefits, and the numbers of candidates moving overseas starting to rise again. As a result, speed is of the essence in the recruitment process. Here are our top tips for speeding up and improving the hiring process, for both employers and employees alike!

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