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Candidate Assessment

Psychometric assessments are the best predictor of job performance. Whilst interviews alone do contribute value to the selection of superior performers, using psychological appraisal in conjunction with interviewing adds significantly to the predictive value of selection methods. When combined with behavioural interviews, psychological assessments more accurately predict how applicants will perform on the job and can differentiate between average and superior performers.

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Career Assessment Triangle
  • Entry level to executive reporting
  • Reports aligned to critical role behaviours
  • Easily incorporate additional insight on safety attitudes, leadership derailers and emotional intelligence
  • Simple setup for single or bulk candidate management
  • Able to select your preferred tools from all leading publishers to generate the most accurate measurement of the behaviours you want to

Our Assessment Solutions

Career Assessment Triangle

Why use Psychological Assessment?

We offer assessments for both Selection and Development needs.

With two Psychologists on our team, we are able to offer a wide range of assessment tools to meet the needs of your business. Our objective is to ensure feedback is tailored and relevant.

We have access to a number of psychometric assessment tools - these can be applied to roles ranging from entry level to senior management and executive. OCG's Registered Psychologists are accredited to interpret the broad range of personality and abilities tests in a commercially relevant way.