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We have a need... a need for SPEED! In the recruitment process.

Are you sensing a level of urgency in the recruitment market? At a loss as to what you could be doing to speed up the process? What are you unintentionally doing to hinder the process? Here are 5 tips and tricks to speed up and improve the overall hiring process, making your job easier and your candidate journey better.

How Do You Determine the Next Step in Your Career?

Deciding on the next step to take in your career can be a challenging task. By taking a deeper look into what drives you and analysing your strengths, motivators and needs, you'll be better equipped to identify the ideal career option for you. OCG’s Stefanie Pollard discusses, here.

Candidate Shortages in the Contract and Temp Markets

In this blog, we look at the candidate shortages in the contract and temp market and provide practical tips to help you fill your vacancies with the right people.

The Importance of Reference Checking

There appears to be a growing number of people in the recruitment industry who believe reference checks to be a waste of time. A view that OCG Consulting Manager, Paul O’Donovan, couldn’t be more opposed to. Find out why time spent checking references is time invested wisely, here.

Career Transition: An Opportunity or a Catastrophe?

Learn how to cope with career change and turn it from a catastrophe into an opportunity.

Spotlight on FMCG: Unlocking the Talent Conundrum

In FMCG, increasing the flow of talent has posed certain challenges in today’s market, especially with organisations often reluctant to recruit from outside the industry. OCG’s Tom McMorran discusses the talent conundrum, here.

When is the Best Time to Speak to a Recruiter?

Are you unhappy with your job and needing a change? In this blog, we talk through how to best utilise a Recruitment Consultant to find a job that is more professionally satisfying than your current one.

How to Avoid the Professional Pigeonhole in Sales and Marketing

It’s so important to always be thinking about your career journey, and the earlier you start thinking about it the better. But, how do you ensure you don’t pigeonhole yourself professionally? OCG Consultant, Natalie Kennerley shares her thoughts on this important topic.

Supporting Your Staff in Challenging Times

Im a big believer that any good business starts with good people. Success in any industry is built around people, and as a human-centred profession, recruitment is a prime example of this. We don’t deal in products but in people,and because we are people-led, operated and focused, we understand just how important it is for all organisations to make this a priority internally.

Career Transition in Today’s World

Learn how Career Transition Support has changed in the current market and what it takes to create an effective Career Transition programme, here.