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  • Tracey Church
  • Wendy Sleath

Addressing the Challenges of the Future of Work

With the world of work undergoing massive change, we recently released our latest whitepaper to uncover what NZ businesses are doing to adjust to the changing workforce. To share some of our findings, Executive General Manager, Greg McAllister, discusses.

The Changing World of AI and Recruitment

With technological advancements such as AI and RPA bots transforming the business world in recent years, how will this shape the role of recruiters in the future? We share our thoughts, here.

Changing Directions

In our latest blog, Senior Consultant James Brodey shares some insight into changing careers, highlighting some very ‘unique’ job roles he’s come across. How many of these opportunities would you take on?

The Speed of the Reform Agenda and the Impact on Policy Analysts

With the current government’s ambitious change agenda, it’s an exciting, but hectic time in policy. OCG Consulting’s Wendy Sleath discusses the effect of fast policy reform on policy talent, and why it’s time for NZ to reconsider a 4-year electoral term.

Going Places: Making the Right Move

When considering a move to a new area, there are a few steps you can take to get it right. OCG Consulting’s Mate Glamuzina highlights his top tips to keep in mind when relocating for work.

Settle Down: Deciding the Next Step in Your Career

Where progression was once the natural next step in a career, many people are now considering alternatives to a move up the hierarchy. OCG Consulting’s Tom McMorran looks at the other options, and why sometimes the right choice is to stay put.

Overcoming the ‘Local Experience’ Stigma in the IT Industry

With a lot of Kiwi employers holding the view that candidates must have ‘local experience’ before being given a shot, it poses certain challenges for overseas-based professionals. OCG Consulting Manager, Paul O’Donovan, discusses what you can do to stand out and succeed Down Under, here.

Spotlight on FMCG: Unlocking the Talent Conundrum

In FMCG, increasing the flow of talent has posed certain challenges in today’s market, especially with organisations often reluctant to recruit from outside the industry. OCG’s Tom McMorran discusses the talent conundrum, here.

Are Employers Keeping Pace With Changing Work Practices?

Flexibility is a topic that is widely discussed, but does the modern workspace promote an optimum level of focus and creativity? In this insightful blog, OCG’s James Brodey discusses why giving people the freedom to choose their own workspace is a great way to boost productivity.

The Changing Face of Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is critical to the recruitment process, however, OCG Senior Consultant Psychologist, Amanda Hamilton, discusses how its use as an effective development tool is key when the candidate isn’t a ‘perfect fit’ for the role.