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Inside the Life of a Working Mum

I’m a working Mum, and as we all know, it’s not always giggles and sunshine. There are hard times too; crying babies and many dirty nappies involved! Not to mention breastfeeding and living for months without sleep. However, I can tell you that being a working Mum, although challenging, is an ongoing and exciting journey.

First let me take you back to an earlier stage in my life…

My recruitment career started in the early 2000s, the days before social media and technology. Where recruiters relied totally on networking, building strong long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates and most networking happened after hours.

Recruiters never stop working. We start as early as 7 am, we may leave at 7 pm and when in bed, we are constantly thinking of all the hundreds of things we have to do the next morning. As stressful as our jobs are; we love it. Most of us at OCG have been doing this job for over 10 years and we are still doing it.

I loved this stage in my life because I was in control. I controlled my career progression, I was in control of how much money I made, I assisted people to make good career decisions and I advised clients in their recruitment process and candidate selection process. Being in control became part of my makeup.

But that was a time I refer to as B.C, a time before the child. I made lots of placements, was recognised for my amazing networking abilities and thought to myself, I’m pretty good at what I do.

Then came... THE CHILD!

When My Life Turned Upside Down

I became a mother to a beautiful little girl on the 4th November 2005. That was literally a beginning to a new chapter of my life, and that was also the day my life stopped and did an 180-degree turn. Everything changed when my child was born, and my priorities shifted. My superhuman powers disappeared as my power was taken away by a little human - becoming a Mum meant my life had turned upside down.

I started feeling not in control – that is so unlike me. As I said before, I was used to being in control of my schedule, my work life and everything else, so it was strange to feel the opposite. Having a baby caused my life to be unpredictable. It was a real whirlwind.

Then life changed again - I went back to work. There is a lot of stress when you become a full-time Mum as well as a full-time employee. So, like all new mums, some days I wanted to put her in a little parcel and write "return to sender” but of course that was not possible! Luckily for us both, this was a fleeting emotion!

Working at OCG
A big part of why I joined OCG was because of its values. Here I work with a group of talented, mature and like-minded individuals.

At OCG, we don’t just say we go the extra mile. We GO the extra mile. We share candidates, clients and always include other consultants when we go on client visits. We are always looking at the interest of the client and or candidate. It’s not all about making a placement but doing the right thing.

Being a Mum has made me consciously put my children’s needs before my own. Children take you to a whole new level of "giving and caring” and as a Mum, you do everything humanly possible to please them.

I think back to my time as a new Mum and realised it was that little human who truly taught me the real skills of what it means to be a true Career Maker. As I continued on my journey through motherhood, I became a reformed human being and I started to cultivate values that are of OCG’s:
  • "We before I.”
  • "Genuine Care.”
  • "Courage to Stretch Beyond.”
  • "Doing the Right Thing.”

  • Coming Home Makes It All Worth It

    Today, I may not stay later after hours to have a drink with a work mate or attend all events to boost "my brand.” Mostly because I just don’t have the extra time, and I have something more valuable waiting for me at home. Coming home to my kids makes what I do all worth it.

    Being a Recruiter is one of the toughest jobs out there, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. Just like being a Mum, people depend on us - just like our children depend on us. People may not take our role of being Career Makers seriously, but then again, some of our children take us for granted too. And what do we do? We do it all over again!

    I’m a Mum in the recruitment world and it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes a real superhero to be a Recruiter Mum! And I am proud to be one.

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