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Marriage of Convenience


Sometimes at work you'll have a strange sense of déjà vu.  Things at the office seem spookily similar to how they are at home. People are leaving a mess in the kitchen, everybody has a different opinion on what we should all have for lunch and young people are like, saying like all the time.  You'll notice similarities in relationships with your colleagues. You might find the more you get to know each other the more you know what makes your work-mates tick and understand how you can work better together. You'll probably also find things that start to grate, little irritations that become more annoying over time, the workplace equivalent of loud snoring or leaving the toilet seat up. Assuming these similarities, you can probably apply marriage counselors’ advice to your office interactions and even to your relationship as a contractor with your recruitment consultant. Whether you're in a fresh relationship with your recruiter or you know each other like an old married couple, there are always things you can do to make the relationship go more smoothly. Follow our tips to enjoy a long and healthy relationship with your recruitment consultant long past that awkward first date.

1.       We will want to meet you. Even though our relationship probably started online we need to meet you in real life to understand your motivations and where you will fit best. More and more clients are expecting contractors not just to have the perfect experience but also to fit the culture comfortably.

2.       Talk to us, not just when there is a problem. Open, transparent communication is key to a healthy relationship and not being upfront with us is going to hinder us helping find you the best contract.

3.       Talk to us, especially when there is a problem. The sooner we know and the more you tell us, the better we can help if there is an issue during your contract.

4.       Keep in touch. Most contract roles move too quickly to be advertised so if we are up-to-date with your availability we’ll be confident calling you about the right roles.

5.       Don’t be fussy. Having a long list of non-negotiable criteria is as much of a hurdle in us finding you a good contract as it is in you finding the ideal spouse. Being flexible with location, contract length and rate will open more options. Remember contracts are not forever.

6.       Relax. Just as you go into a personal relationship not knowing what the future will hold, don’t expect everything to be set out for you at the start of a contract and don’t panic if there isn’t an official position description. Clients value flexibility and adaptability, qualities that will also serve you well at home.

Remembering this advice will help our relationship with you blossom and when we work well together it’s a match made in heaven.  

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