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What benefits matter to candidates in 2023?

What benefits matter to candidates in 2023?
In a job market where candidates are in the power seat, it’s important to know what matters to them most when they are looking for work. Knowing what candidates are looking for in a new opportunity helps hiring managers know what to highlight as part of their employer value proposition, what to talk to candidates about throughout the hiring process, and what to think about implementing or offering going forward to attract talent.

In a recent poll on the OCG LinkedIn page, we asked candidates the following question: Which benefit matters to you most when looking for a new role? The options for answers were: Flexible/hybrid/remote working, development/career progression, in-office perks & culture, or wellness/mental health support. Here’s what they had to say, and a bit of commentary from us.

Wellness/mental health support: With 4% of respondents saying this was a benefit that matters to them, it’s important that employers are offering services like EAP/counselling, mental health first aiders, and a culture of supporting and encouraging mental health days and taking breaks. Although not the most popular response, employers would do well to remember that when you look after your employees’ mental health, it will benefit both the team and the business overall. For tips on how to talk about mental health in the workplace, have a read of our blog here.
In-office perks & team culture: Candidates are still overall looking for a positive work culture, however, because of Covid-19 and the rise in working from home or flexible working, candidates are less concerned with in-office perks and team culture, with just 7% of respondents listing this as a benefit that matters most of them. While it is important to create a positive in-office environment, it is more likely that candidates care about who they are working with, and what the team culture is like overall – both in-office and when working remotely.

Development/career progression: Due to the nature of the last few years, candidates are now starting to look for their next step up and want to know how the role can support them to progress in their career. 26% of respondents to our poll answered that this was the most important to them, showing that candidates are looking for support in developing their careers. Employers should make sure they are able to offer a professional development plan, on-the-job training, mentoring or career guidance, and if they can’t offer it internally, offer access or financial support to join professional networking or learning groups. This will benefit both the business and the employee, creating a win-win situation.

Flexible/hybrid/remote working: Not surprisingly, this was the highest-ranking benefit, with 64% of respondents answering that this is the benefit that matters most to them. This emphasizes just how important it is for employers to offer flexibility in their roles, as more than half of candidates are looking for this benefit. Flexibility can mean different things to different candidates, so bring it up in the hiring process, ask what it means to them. It could mean flexible days, flexible locations, flexible hours, or a combination. Negotiate and try to make it work for both parties. For more on flexible working, click here to download our free Whitepaper - Flexibility, is it here to stay?

That’s the latest on what candidates are looking for as far as benefits in their jobs, keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for more polls and insights into what candidates are looking for, rising skills, trends, insights, and more!

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