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What to Do When You Don’t Get Your Dream Job


After thinking your job interview went well, it can be disheartening to hear that a promising job offer passed you by. Not to mention that applying for jobs can be a tiring process and waiting to hear back can be frustrating. Overcoming rejection isn’t enjoyable for anyone. Yet it’s bound to happen throughout your career before you secure that dream position.

Remember that many people are turned down for jobs, so you’re not alone. If you don’t manage to secure the role you want, here’s a few tips that can help you overcome disappointment, and keep you motivated with your job search.

Stay Positive and Optimistic

It‘s only natural to feel negative especially if you’re facing rejection. However, you should avoid a negative mindset, or pinning blame on others. Doing so can potentially damage your hard-earned reputation and relationships. Instead, always do your best to remain positive, gracious and thank the employer for their time with a polite email. This way the Hiring Manager and Recruiter will see that you’re grateful for the opportunity regardless of the outcome. Staying upbeat can potentially lead to more opportunities for you in the future, so be aware of how you react to these situations.

Bear in mind, each company has a different hiring process and just because you didn’t get the job doesn’t make you any less skilled or valuable. In times where you feel disappointed, focus on your achievements throughout your career. Focusing on your strengths and your best qualities can boost your mood, rather than letting each rejection get you down.

During your job search you may focus on what went wrong and why you didn’t land the role you hoped for. It’s human nature to doubt yourself and lose confidence if you aren’t successful in a role. Don’t let the experience discourage you. The best thing you can do is remain resilient. Those job opportunities won’t come to you unless you make the effort, hence why the more that you put yourself out there, the better you have chance at securing your desired role, and making valuable contacts for the future.

Refocus Your Priorities and Goals

Although job rejection can push you off track, it’s important to stay focused. Just because you’ve experienced a rejection doesn’t mean that your job search should be put on halt. Refocus your priorities and goals with your own career plan. Define your short and long-term career goals, what must you do to achieve these goals? Use the experience as fuel for your motivation to try harder and do better next time so that you reach your ultimate goal; finding your dream job.

There are many factors that can affect why you didn’t get chosen for the role. Take a step back and consider what you might need to improve on. For example, you might have made an error in the interview due to nerves, or perhaps you need to make changes to your cover letter. Learning from your own strengths and weaknesses can be a major asset, it can help you avoid making the same mistakes, and you’ll become a stronger candidate.

Continue to focus on what is important to you and what jobs or companies may align with your interests, and passions. There may even be a "dream” company out there that you’re interested in. Which means that you can potentially take up a role, and end up getting your dream position in that company further down the line.

Work with a Recruiter

Throughout your job search it’s a good idea to seek advice from a recruitment agency. We can take you through the whole hiring process, and offer advice. From building a resume, interview tips, to getting out into the job market. We have inside knowledge of Functional and Industry sectors, so we’re well equipped to find a job that matches your experience, skills, and needs. We also cover everything that you need to know in our candidate resources. To check out more of our candidate resources you can find them here.

During the hiring process one of our Recruiters can work one-on-one with a Hiring Manager. As they will be looking to improve their hiring experience. One of the best ways to do that is by requesting feedback on the candidate they put forward. Therefore, if any feedback is provided by the employer the Recruiter can inform you. If an employer can give feedback, it can be extremely useful and it will enable you to improve your performance in future interviews. Ultimately, working with a recruitment agency means that your job search is stress free and convenient for you.


When you’re met with rejection from employers, use these experiences as a learning curve. Treat each interview and job opportunity with a fresh approach and a positive attitude, instead of lingering on the negatives.

If you work with a Recruiter you’ll have a higher chance of impressing a potential employer. At OCG Consulting our specialist Recruiters can give your job search a boost, and review your application. If you’re struggling with rejection or unable to find a job that truly interests you, feel free to get in touch.

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