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OCG Careers, formerly known as Grafton, can build customised outplacement programmes which support your people at the level they need. We can provide professional, confidential, third party assistance to impacted individuals to help them cope with the emotions associated with redundancy and to help them communicate with family and friends in an appropriate manner. This service allows the participants to be aware of their current reality and to accept this as the foundation to build from. This knowledge is then used to plan a career path external to the organisation.

We can assist individuals to write an up-to-date resume - our experience is that people at all levels find this assistance invaluable. We can help individuals understand the job search process and techniques - so they can maximise their effectiveness. Once individuals have this knowledge, it has proven to be highly successful in their immediate job search.

The value of the OCG Career Transition & Outplacement Services means that it significantly frees up important leadership and management time, giving quality focus in rolling out a restructure. As with any restructure, you will be faced with legal and business risk. The greatest opportunity to minimise the impact of this risk is to provide comprehensive and structured support in the first stages of restructuring. It demonstrates to those employees who are not directly impacted by the restructure that the organisation is behaving in a supportive way in the impacted individual's time of need.

Each candidate's situation will vary dependent on their experience, level of market knowledge, self-awareness, etc. We have purposefully structured three separate options which can be combined/mixed and matched to suit each candidate's needs.


Needing to support one of your team with their future career development but don't have time? Does a team member have unrealistic expectations about where they should be? Through Psychological Assessment, behavioural interviewing and feedback, we can build self-awareness, build Development Plans and/or expose new options for career development.


When your organisation needs to change, it's your people that will feel the impact.

We are dedicated to helping you mitigate that impact and delivering a beneficial change-experience for your employees.

What we bring

We'll equip your managers and team leaders for the challenges ahead and help people to stay motivated, productive and focused throughout, whether or not their roles are directly affected.

The process of change is different for everyone, so we will tailor an approach that suits the needs of your people and delivers tangible results for them and your organisation

What you gain

  • we can work with you to ensure that the organisation, the leaders and people are in a position to cope with change
  • we will help your people to understand the impact of change and help them through an organisational or individual transition so that the potential negative impact is minimised and the ability to progress is made easier

Common Business Challenges:

  • a proposed organisational change or restructure has significant impact to the affected and non-affected people in the organisation
  • it can be difficult to manage a proposed organisational change or restructure in a respectful and supportive way


Who exactly seeks out coaching?

With a clear objective, coaching is the best way to invest in an individual's development. Focused, intense and meaningful, the results are often profound.

What we bring

As a coach, we will guide, challenge and question our clients to deepen their understanding of themselves and where they are, whilst encouraging them to think differently, in order for them to commit to action in achieving success.

What you gain

  • develop leadership and people management skills
  • grow greater self-awareness
  • understand inhibitors on performance and current blind spots
  • improve influencing & decision making capability
  • build better relationship & people dynamics
  • grow greater circles of collaboration and connectivity
  • increase professional development & capability
  • better self & time management

Common business challenges:

Individuals are not sure how to elevate their own performance different leaders need different areas of focus to grow capability and looks for active solutions to improve outcomes

To discuss any of these Career or Outplacement services please contact:


Manager - Consulting Services, Assessment and Career Transition


Fiona has worked in the Human Resources and Recruitment industry since 2005, starting her career in a generalist recruitment role and quickly progressing into senior leadership and project management positions.

Utilising her teaching background and work within the charitable space, Fiona is now spearheading OCG Careers, covering the leadership of the Consulting Services, Assessment and Career Transition Divisions.

Fiona has a strong reputation for successfully supporting and coaching people through change in a way that minimises any personal impact through transition. With a strong commercial acumen combined with empathy and support, she is well positioned to provide direction with a subtle approach.

Fiona has been engaged by large organisations to spear head set ups and national changes with full responsibility for the end to end process. This project experience has enabled her to truly partner with organisations and consult beyond the brief. With wide experience consulting within the public sector, Fiona has a solid understanding of a robust process and has the capability to design needs specific approaches to training, career transition projects and assessment.