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Online Advertising Solutions

Investment Analyst Case Study

Background to the role:

After a difficulty attracting individuals with the right skill set for their analyst roles an Online Advertising campaign was launched to target:

  • Passive candidates with property experience
  • Who would have had involvement with ANZO at some stage of their career

The campaign:

Google Ad Words, LinkedIn pay-per-click ads and the LinkedIn Job Slot were utilised to target a passive audience that matched the clients specific skill set, with traditional Job Boards not attracting the right candidate pool, This sourcing methodolgy allowed us to pinpoint candidates online by - language, location, likes/interests, industry and functional expertise, seniority, and role specific key words. Based on this criteria text and banner based ads appeared only on matching LinkedIn profiles, managed websites and related articles or websites.

Example placement of Ad on


The campaign surpassed the clients' expectations with 6 candidates shortlisted for the role.