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Research and Sourcing

Searching for a new job is a daunting task, but one that with the right guidance, can be made easy!

With the help of our careermakers, and with our amazing opportunites, you'll be sitting down to an interview in no time.

Marketing Manager Case Study

Business Issue:

The client, a specialist electronics manufacturer, was establishing a new role - Marketing Manager. The role required a unique blend of skills including marketing, sales support and operational knowledge and experience. OCG Research and Sourcing were engaged.

OCG Solution:

OCG undertook what has become our 'best practice' research assignment approach of:

  • Assignment Specification Development - Understanding the real job needs.
  • Research Strategy Plan - Developing a candidate profile and a list of potential sources and keywords to search
  • Company List Research - Knowing Boolean strings, Google secrets and other search engines was important, as was ascertaining up-to-date company directories, published business magazines and resources.
  • Candidate Name Generation - Cyber sleuthing online communities, deep internet mining and other media and communication research approaches undertaken.
  • Candidate Qualification - Confidential phone conversations to screen and evaluate suitability and interest.
  • Candidates short-listed for OCG Recruitment Consultant to review - Consultant further evaluates, selects, and shortlists for the client.

The names of passive/hidden talent that the Research & Sourcing team uncovered matched the brief/specification accurately. This enabled a significant number of valuable conversations with these candidates who at the time, were not in the job market - they were not looking at job boards, were not 'registered' on any recruitment consultancy database and therefore not aware of the opportunity.


The research assignment highlighted approximately:

  • 4 potential candidates with necessary specialist mix of skills and experience were identified.
  • And a further 10 candidates were identified who had more general attributes for the position.

The client was then presented with a recommended short list and a successful candidate was selected.

Client Feedback:

"The OCG Research & Sourcing tool was an experiment for us. It is one we would definitely use again. We were trying to recruit for a newly created, senior level, specialist role whilst keeping our activties under the radar from a competitor perspective. We also had no idea of the market value for the role as it is fairly rare in NZ..

The Research & Sourcing service we recieved from OCG was both efficient and cost effective, and we really liked the flexibility of being able to select from a menu of service activites. Compared to the normal search methodology, it was much more affordable and certainly as effective. The end result has been some very useful market information around somewhat similar types of roles and the salary ranges they attract, as well as the sourcing of an exciting candidate for a very hard to fill role; a candidate who was not on the market and whom we would definitely not have found had we gone down the traditional recruitment route."