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Research and Sourcing

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Market Map Case Study- Medical Specialists

Business Issue:

This client has an aggressive growth strategy, both in New Zealand and internationally. They have identified that there is a worldwide shortage of this particular medical specialist role, with New Zealand Universities currently producing only 20 graduates a year from a 5 year Masters programme. There are limited international markets that can supply the equivalent qualifications. The client's objective was to free up their time so that they could concentrate on international candidate sourcing, allowing OCG to take responsibility for New Zealand candidate mapping and maintain regular dialogue with these candidates.

OCG Solution:

The client supplied OCG with an initial list of companies/organisations to begin the Market Mapping process. From there each prospective candidate was contacted and their level of interest was gauged, based on motivation to move, flexibility to move and salary expectations. Once this process was completed, a comprehensive report was presented to the client detailing the candidates level of interest and timing to consider options.


Market Mapping identified a talent database of passive/hidden candidates that included short-term prospects for immediate approaches, and medium to long term prospects available for talent banking and contact in the future. The client was immediately able to contact some of the prospective candidates, set up candidate meetings and offers extended. The client initiated a programme of communication with medium to long term prospective talent, with an aim to talent bank these candidates. From the candidate feedback, the client was able to gain valuable market information with regards to their employment brand status and market intelligence.

Client Feedback:

"I have found this targeted approach to recruitment essential in today's candidate short market. Talent banking and having someone else do the ground work and research can open up doors to potential recruits both locally and globally. OCG's structured approach and call cycle will keep me in touch with candidates that if not ready now can join the business in the future. I now have time to work in other parts of the business."