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Research and Sourcing

Searching for a new job is a daunting task, but one that with the right guidance, can be made easy!

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Process Computing Manager Case Studys

Background to the role:

The company had been actively recruiting this role for 6 month period, including national and regional advertising. OCG's Research team were asked to conduct a Research Assignment to identify whether anyone in the passive market in Australia or New Zealand could be suitable and interested. We needed to find someone who had:

  • Heavy manufacturing / industrial plant experience
  • Process Control Automation knowledge and supporting tertiary qualifications
  • Leadership and management skills

Our Research Strategy:

The Research team selected a group of 35 companies from New Zealand and a smaller sample group of 16 companies from Australia. Our methodology used subscribed databases, online communities, internet and traditional research techniques. We confirmed 89 passive candidates across 51 companies with the specific skill set required.

Process Computing Manager Case Study

We prioritised 28 passive candidates from the names, based on closest alignment with the client brief by title, industry, seniority and online information where available. 5 expressed interest and were referred to the recruitment team for further evaluation. Once interest and suitability was established those that were keen to become active candidates for the position were taken through the full OCG selection process. 3 candidates identified by the Research team were interviewed for this specific role, all 3 were shortlisted and met the client and 1 of the research candidates was offered and accepted this position. This project was completed by the Research team over a 4 week period.


The client felt the project had been very successful and that "we had taken a good brief and fully understood, so it worked really well". He appreciated the consultation and recommendations around researching the Australian and New Zealand market. The market information helped shape their understanding of who was available in the market.