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Market Map Case Study - Security Industry

Business Issue:

The client wanted to scope the New Zealand market with a view to entering the marketplace in their specialist sector. As a component of their feasibility, they wished to assess the structure of a key competitor's organisation including regional and national structures.

OCG Solution:

OCG embarked on a market mapping exercise which included a mix of cyber sleuthing and other sophisticated deep internet mining, media and communication research techniques. This enabled OCG to build an indepth overview of the competitor's national and regional organisational structures.


OCG provided the client with detailed organisational structures including all senior and mid management executives and networks throughout each branch of the key competitor organisations, along with commentary on each. From these reports the client was able to benchmark the competitors organisations against their own and international industry standards. This enabled the client to complete their cost of market entry feasibility study.

Client Feedback:

"As part of our entry into the New Zealand market, we engaged OCG to undertake a Market Mapping exercise. While the initial purpose was to identify key management figures within the competing organisation, we found it valuable in helping us to understand the structure, physical blueprint and business model our competitors where operating under. Through this and other market intelligence, we were able to provide a key input into developing a SWOT analysis for our entry into NZ; demonstrate instant relevance to the New Zealand market and customers because we had a more detailed understanding of how things currently operated than was expected of an overseas competitor; it confirmed the relative strengths of our business model and how we could position our brand and product offering; and it helped to refine our approach to recruiting staff."