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Exceptional Talent from OCG Accounting & Finance

Please see below for a sample of the quality candidates that we are currently working with. For more information on these candidates, or any of OCG's services, please contact your relevant Consultant (details below).

Earthquake Update - Wellington Office Still Closed

We just wanted to give you a brief update following Sunday’s magnitude 7.5 earthquake near Hanmer Springs, and the aftershocks which followed it.
Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all of those affected by the quakes. We were lucky enough to be able to confirm that all of our staff and their families were well - if a bit shaken up - by what had happened. We hope you were similarly fortunate.

Two-thirds would quit for more flexible job – OCG survey Infographic

The study, undertaken by recruitment firm OCG Consulting and Diversitas, an Auckland-based diversity consultancy, found that 68% of people would consider leaving their current role if offered a comparable job but with greater flexibility. To receive a copy of the OCG Flexible Workforce design research report contact your OCG Recruitment Consultant

Two-thirds would quit for more flexible job – OCG survey

The first-ever New Zealand survey about changes to the flexibility provisions in employment law highlights the growing risks for employers who are either unaware of their obligations, or are reluctant to comply with the new requirements.

The study, undertaken by recruitment firm OCG Consulting and Diversitas, an Auckland-based diversity consultancy, found that 68% of people would consider leaving their current role if offered a comparable job but with greater flexibility.

The increasing importance of ‘the why’

There is a growing desire from employees to work for organisations with a solid reputation, reward for performance, clear career trajectory and a culture of collaboration. It is no longer just about how much they can make or if they can become the top employee. They want to work for an organisation that provides a greater meaning beyond generating profits for the owners or shareholders

Talent Management:The Next Wave

This latest OCG white paper explores emerging trends in managing talent based on the feedback of more than 500 employers and employees across Australia and New Zealand, and provides practical recommendations on effective talent management in an environment increasingly characterised by change.

Government direction prompts a re-think of public sector recruitment

In a landscape of population growth, ethnic diversity, technological advance and state sector reform, the pressure on central Government to meet the needs of an increasingly complex New Zealand is greater than ever.

Technology recruiters highlight how fast-paced technology changes are impacting on sourcing key talent

Nowhere is the celebrated ‘Kiwi ingenuity’ gene more present than in New Zealand’s IT sector, which continues to raise the nation’s profile and reputation overseas.

OCG Launches Place & Coach

OCG Consulting has formed a partnership with Biz Advisor, a specialist FMCG consulting business that helps train and develop senior level executives.
In line with our purpose to be ‘Career Makers’, we have developed a ‘Place and Coach’ concept, which enables us to take a much more active interest in someone’s development once they’ve started with you . Click on our infographic below to find out more.

Post-recession reflection prompts Accounting recruiters to up their game

A buoyant economy combined with a period of self-analysis for the post-recession business community, have resulted in a year of opportunity and change in the Accounting and Finance sector – both for businesses and candidates.

We are all Impressionists

Vincent van Gogh was a great Impressionist but what do you reckon his first impression was like?

OCG Business Support now Chandler Macleod NZ

A different brand but our commitment to great service remains the same.

The Big Data Talent Shortage

Aware that talent shortages are beginning to bite, exacerbated by the impact of trends such as Big Data, and acknowledging the dominance of SAP in the New Zealand market - OCG Consulting has launched our SAP Specialist Recruitment team.

The Problem with Sales

I mean the ‘noble art’ of selling, rather than the ‘top line’ figure, although I’m sure we’re all having our challenges there! Selling as a profession has received little adulation over the years, unlike in the US, where it is highly regarded as a career. And given some of the challenges present in the FMCG industry right now, I have concerns about the role of our sales people, particularly key account managers and what we are doing to address that.

Impending boom

Business confidence oozing optimism.

OCG tops recruitment agency customer opinions

OCG Consulting is New Zealand’s most highly recommended recruitment agency, according to a recent study by Colmar Brunton that surveyed over 450 client organisations.

Stepping up to the challenge- OCG Consulting opens an office in Christchurch

OCG are excited to announce the establishment of our Christchurch office. We have been working in the Canterbury region for a decade and are supported by our owners, the Chandler Macleod Group. This structure provides OCG with stability and resources not available to many other recruiters active in Christchurch.

Coming of Age: The impacts of an ageing workforce on New Zealand business

The government is well aware that New Zealand’s aging population creates a macro-economic imperative for people to participate in the labour force for longer.

The War for Talent Is Returning; Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

Here is a heads-up alert for you: be prepared because not only will the infamous "War For Talent” be returning to impact your firm, but it is already underway in its full intensity here in the Silicon Valley. Begin planning for this next round of talent wars, because once the intense competition begins, there simply won’t be time to catch up with, no less get ahead of your talent competition. If you’re not familiar with the "war for talent” phenomena, it involves a prolonged period of intense competition where top applicants are both scarce and arrogant, employees leave by the droves, firms regularly raid each other for talent, and bidding for top talent is commonplace.

How well are you Managing your Contingent Workforce?

The New Zealand workforce is constantly evolving; over the last two decades the employment landscape has fluctuated, altered and ventured into new and unchartered territories