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The War for Talent Is Returning; Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

Here is a heads-up alert for you: be prepared because not only will the infamous "War For Talent” be returning to impact your firm, but it is already underway in its full intensity here in the Silicon Valley. Begin planning for this next round of talent wars, because once the intense competition begins, there simply won’t be time to catch up with, no less get ahead of your talent competition. If you’re not familiar with the "war for talent” phenomena, it involves a prolonged period of intense competition where top applicants are both scarce and arrogant, employees leave by the droves, firms regularly raid each other for talent, and bidding for top talent is commonplace.

How well are you Managing your Contingent Workforce?

The New Zealand workforce is constantly evolving; over the last two decades the employment landscape has fluctuated, altered and ventured into new and unchartered territories