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Supporting Your Staff in Challenging Times

Im a big believer that any good business starts with good people. Success in any industry is built around people, and as a human-centred profession, recruitment is a prime example of this. We don’t deal in products but in people,and because we are people-led, operated and focused, we understand just how important it is for all organisations to make this a priority internally.

Career Transition in Today’s World

Learn how Career Transition Support has changed in the current market and what it takes to create an effective Career Transition programme, here.

Leveraging the Candidate Experience to Secure Top Talent in a Challenging Market

It’s no secret that the candidate experience can make or break whether candidates choose to work with you, with everything from long application forms to poor communication having the potential to cost you the best talent.

Not Your Usual Recession: Tony Alexander on the Post-COVID-19 Economy

OCG had the pleasure of hosting respected independent Economist Tony Alexander for his first in-person engagement since COVID-19.

How has COVID-19 Shaped New Zealand’s Employment Market?

To shed light on the current state of the market, we have put together a snapshot of our specialist areas across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Find out more, here.

Supporting Staff Through Restructuring: Podcast Highlights

The latest podcast from the OCG Career Transition team explores how staff and companies should prepare and respond to the realities of the market. Here are the highlights.

Navigating Uncertain Times: Insights From Our Video Podcast

Employers and jobseekers alike are asking what they should expect in the coming months, so to help, we recorded our first video podcast. Here is a snippet of the key insights they discussed.

Coping with Remote Work: Why it’s a Process

COVID-19 now has most of us working from home and spending a large part of our days at home with families or flatmates instead of around colleagues in an office.

Responding to Change: What Will the Future Workplace Look Like?

Over 80% of those surveyed in our recent whitepaper highlighted the need to be ready for change, and as the current climate continues to have widespread effects on a range of industries, it may be that for many, this change has come sooner than expected. So, what will the future workplace look like, and how can we manage our careers in this unprecedented time? Greg McAllister shares his thoughts.

COVID-19 Information.

OCG, though our parent company Chandler Macleod Group (CMG) have been updating our employees on the COVID-19 virus and the steps they should be taking to minimise the possibility of contracting and spreading the virus including: