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  • Amanda Hamilton
  • Ana Dragulescu
  • Anita Stefan
  • Anna Newman
  • Chris Gilchrist
  • Christabella Boardman
  • Clare O'Sullivan
  • Eloise Gantuangco
  • Fiona Tolich
  • Georgina Glover
  • Greg McAllister
  • James Brodey
  • Julie Cressey
  • Kathryn Stewart
  • Kelly Legarth
  • Lucinda Barton
  • Lucy Gournac
  • Mark Charles
  • Mate Glamuzina
  • Michael Hurdle
  • Natalie Kennerley
  • OCG Consulting
  • Paul O'Donovan
  • Pete Dallimore
  • Philipa Dale
  • Ryan Lanham
  • Sara Thornton
  • Sarah Jessop
  • Shane Mackay
  • Stefanie Pollard
  • Suji Boomgaard
  • Tom McMorran
  • Tracey Church

When is the Best Time to Speak to a Recruiter?

Are you unhappy with your job and needing a change? OCG’s Mate Glamuzina explains how to best utilise a Recruitment Consultant to find a job that is more professionally satisfying than your current one.

AI’s Impact on Recruitment? Yeah, Nah.

With the recruitment landscape in a constant flux of change, AI has caused quite the stir in recent times. OCG's Pete Dallimore discusses why AI will never replace our jobs as recruiters.

Recruitment in a Post Neo-Liberal Economy

With NZ's unemployment rate sitting at pre-recession levels, candidates are more in demand than ever before. OCG's Tom McMorran assesses why, in a post-neo liberal economy, speed and efficiency is key to your next hire.

Climbing Mount Everest Barefoot

OCG Consultant, Mate Glamuzina, is taking part in the Mount Everest Challenge this year, climbing Mt. Maunganui 38 times in 50 days to raise money for the Waipuna Hospice – and he’s doing it barefoot! Mate collected his thoughts on how he was inspired by Kiwi adventurer, Mike Allsop, and the importance of goal-setting, here.

What Impact has the Election and Change of Government had on Hiring Intentions?

Last year's election brought about a change of government, and a change of approach from businesses along with it. OCG Wellington General Manager, Shane Mackay, assesses the reaction from both the public and private sectors in regards to hiring, here.

Dream of Gamification

Psychometric assessments are a key way for employers to find out more information about the people they’re looking to hire, but what used to be a long, multiple-choice test, has now transformed thanks to technology. OCG’s resident Organisational Psychologist, Amanda Hamilton, weighs in.

Recoding the Game: Women in Game Development

Most people think the world of video games is very much “by boys, for boys.” However, recent statistics show that is no longer the case. OCG’s Ana Dragulescu takes a look at the women leading the Game Development sector into a more diverse and inclusive future.

Practical Tips for Effectively Implementing Wellness Initiatives – Featuring Four Key Employers

In out latest whitepaper, 'What is Workplace Wellbeing? The New Zealand Perspective', we took a look at how wellbeing initiatives are being implemented across New Zealand workplaces. As part of our research, we spoke to representatives from a number of prominent organisations, all of whom are at different stages of their wellness journey. Read their insights here.

Why Reflection is Key to a Successful Career Move

It’s that time of year again where we all start to think about making changes, and this can often include a desire to look for a new role. If a new job is on your wish list for 2018 then before doing anything, ask yourself: have you REALLY thought it through? OCG’s Julie Cressey shows the value of self-reflection when planning that all important career move.

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